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Signs of God maintains a list of Sign Language Interpreters along with people who have attained an advanced BSL qualification.
This directory shows members of the list who are trained interpreters.
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Mary  McDevitt  Falkirk

Name: Mary McDevitt

Town: Falkirk


Tel: 07739225233

Registration status: SASLI Registered

Louise  Boone  Enfield

Name: Louise Boone

Town: Enfield


Tel: 07540795422

Registration status: RSLI

Esther  Bevan  London

Name: Esther Bevan

Town: London


Tel: 07748168191

Registration status: RSLI

Helen  Sweet  Blackburn

Name: Helen Sweet

Town: Blackburn



Registration status: Trainee SLI

Marie  Webb-Stevens  Harrow

Name: Marie Webb-Stevens

Town: Harrow


Tel: 07710478287

Registration status: RSLI

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Signs of God make every effort to ensure the information in this list is kept up to date. However, we cannot be held responsible for errors that may occur.
Please contact us if you are an interpreter on the CIN list and have changed your information.