Deaf Space


Deaf BSL Worship Day

In 2016 Janice Silo and Carolyn Nabarro led a workshop on Deaf Worship at the Deaf Anglicans Together Conference.  This was well received so we took the idea for a similar workshop to Signs of God. Judith Jackson and Sarah Tupling joined the team,  Roma Parrick organised the bookings and Gill Behenna provided technical support for the day.

It was experimental as we wondered how the structure and content would work and be received.  We were able to showcase Signs of God to new participants who learned that the organisation was for Deaf people as well as hearing people.

One group used diļ¬€erent objects and symbols to visualise the meaning of worship.  The second group discussed how to worship God using imagery in the Psalms. The groups then swapped so that everyone had the chance to participate in both activities. It gave an opportunity to reach out to Deaf Christians who were interested in teaching BSL within a Christian setting.  We have since gained a new trustee and two new tutors.
We thank God for His presence throughout; there was a great sense of fellowship both on the day and during the planning process, which blessed us tremendously.  We hope to have another ‘Deaf Space’ workshop in 2018.

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