Summer School Online!


Come and join us for 5 days of learning; for anyone who wants to know more about BSL in Christian Settings

Do you sign in church or other Christian settings? Want to improve your understanding of what you are trying to sign?

Come and join us for Summer School Online

Happening THIS WEEK!

We will be holding a range of activities over Zoom throughout the week

  •  Well-known lecturers  on a range of related topics,  experienced BSL tutors  and interpreting tutors
  • daily morning lectures, morning and evening reflections from Deaf contributors
  • Morning discussions 
  • Afternoon group sessions. 

£25 for access to all lectures, discussion groups, and the quiz!

You’ll have access to recordings of the lectures if you can’t tune in live.

£2.50 for each teaching group.

The group work sessions will last 45 minutes.  There will be 5 groups based on  BSL skill level.  

If sessions fill up quickly, we will have a limited number of spaces available later in the afternoon. 



Is there a link to the online summer school daily itinerary?
Andy Sales, 14th August 2020
would like to join level 6 teaching group as how many limited in zoom please? thank you
Silvana Lennon, 6th August 2020
Hi. I cant see where to register for the teaching groups....? Glad you're offering something online. I wouldn't have been able to attend in person due to childcare..... :)
Kerrion Miller, 17th July 2020

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